Centre of Excellence in Biopharmaceuticals (COEBP)

Welcome to The Centre

The COEBP is an interdisciplinary research centre initiated by support from the European Regional Development Fund and the North West Regional Development Agency.

Led by Professor Alan Dickson, our Centre brings internationally recognised expertise together to accelerate the development and certainty in the production, harvest and utilisation of biopharmaceuticals.

News & Events

BioProNET  5th annual Scientific Meeting, 10-11 Oct, BMA House, London

Other news & events of interest:

Cell culture Engineering (CHI)
6-11 May 2018
Tampa, USA

Data Driven Technology (NovoNordisc)
30-31 May 2018

25-26 January 2018

Pharma manufacturing conference
23 May 2018
Speke, Liverpool

BioUS (BioInternational Convention)
4-7 June 2018
San Francisco, USA

BioProNET Gene editing workshop
18 June 2018

Vaccine Technology VII (ECI)
17-22 June 2018

European Congress of Biotechnology
1-4 July 2018

KTN formulation meeting
5 July 2018

BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology
16-19 July 2018
Philadelphia, USA

Bioprocess summit (CHI)
13-17 August 2018
Boston, USA

BioProNET annual meeting
10-11 Oct 2018